Why is my NJ Accident Case Taking so long?

Is there a NJ negligence lawyer out there who hasn’t been tortured by this question from a client? It’s

NJ accident case

Why is my personal injury case taking so long?

been 3 years since my accident, why haven’t you settled my accident case? Why are you taking so long with my medical malpractice case, slip and fall case, or whatever the case?

Here is how we handle this challenge:

1. We explain to our client at the first meeting how much time her accident case will take.
In other words, during the very first meeting, we set our client’s expectations about the length of time his/her
case will take to complete, and explain why.

2. After our clients “forget” we told them how long their accident case will take to complete, we respond to this question with patience and understanding.

Clients get anxious. They hear about their cousin or niece whose lawyers finished their slip and fall case in one hour, recovered $1,000,000; and their cousin was barely injured.  Open and patient communication is the key to maintaining a trusting relationship with a client during the course of his personal injury case

3. We use the time spent answering interrogatories to enhance our relationship
with the client. We listen attentively to her pain and suffering. It’s a time to be positive
about the outcome you’re fighting to achieve. We avoid discussing the value of the case.
A lawyer cannot win by committing to a value during discovery. Things change during the course of litigation! Clients always forget when you say, “it’s just an estimate.” Be strong!

4. We spend a great deal of time preparing a client for a deposition. The time spent together builds trust. It let’s the client know how hard you are working for him on his accident case

5. It’s critical for your office staff to communicate the same message you are communicating
to your client. If you have a compassionate, secretary or paralegal that helps you field client
calls, you will have a client for life (along with family and friends)

We all know how to build a relationship with a client. We have to execute. Unmatched client
services is our goal

How do you maintain and grow your relationships with your clients? Share some of your
secrets. It will benefit all of us. Please drop us a note. Your opinion is important to us.


About Lawrence "Larry" Berezin

I retired from the private practice of law after a 35-year legal career and fight parking tickets for people like you and me. I love sharing valuable information and beating NYC parking tickets for the driving community in NYC

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