How will my Medical Bills be Paid if I’m Seriously Injured in a NJ Car Accident?

The story 

NJ car accident

NJ car accident

I’m heading home from work after a long, stressful day. It’s about 8:30 p.m. I have a few more miles to go. I’m starting to relax and unwind, thinking about my wife and my daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie’s only 3 years old. I hope she’s still up when I arrive. I have only one mile to go. I’m stopped at a red light. Oh my God, an explosion, everything is black.

Next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed with all sorts of tubes sticking in me. My left arm has a plastic identification bracelet with the name Samuel on it. My right arm is in a cast. My right leg has poles sticking out of it. What do I do?

Have you been in Samuel’s situation? You’re hurt, in pain and not sure what to do. How are your medical bills going to be paid? What about losing time from work? What if I’m left with a permanent disability? How am I going to support my family?

Here’s some advice from an attorney who has represented accident victims for 33 years.

Many States have a “No Fault” law in effect. Your medical bills are paid by your own automobile insurance carrier, regardless of fault. Some States allow you to substitute you personal health insurance coverage for the medical benefits provided by your automobile carrier, for a reduction in your premium. Check your insurance policy, or with your insurance broker or attorney.  Generally, there is a co-pay and deductible.

My New Jersey client’s sometime protest, “why should my insurance pay when the other person caused the accident?”  My answer is always, it’s a good thing because you have full medical coverage, and it will not cause your insurance rates to go up.

Samuel is in the hospital with a broken arm and leg. He now knows all of his medical bills will be paid by his own insurance company. He’s relieved, but still in a great deal of pain.

Please remember to notify your automobile insurance company of the accident as soon as possible and ask for your claim number. You’ll receive some forms to fill out from your insurance company to process payment of your medical bills. I suggest you complete and return these forms as soon as possible. You may wish to ask your insurance broker or attorney to review the forms before send them back, especially your version of the accident and injuries. They’ll make sure the information is accurate and complete.

It’s a good idea to obtain a copy of the police accident report from the police department in the town where your accident occurred. Make sure it’s accurate.

NJ car accident lawyer

Ssssh....I'm thinking

Quid pro quo. Insurance companies pay your medical bills with the hope and expectation you will select a tort threshold that limits your right to sue a careless driver for your non-economic losses (pain and suffering, etc.). A fair trade? Equal bargaining positions? Hell no.

The huge differential in your premium price between  the tort threshold with no limitation versus the tort threshold with a limitation on your right to sue tells the tale. Do you know what a “tort threshold” is? Here’s an article that explains the impact of  your  “Tort Threshold”

Which Tort Threshold did you select? Why? Please comment. Your opinion means a great deal to us.

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