Governor Christie contorversy

Gov. Bluto and Controversy go Together like a Horse and Carriage

The back story

Governor Christie and Senator Loretta Weinberg have been sniping at each other since the last election. Senator Weinberg ran on the Democratic ticket for lieutenant governor.The central issue, which has gotten lost in all the noise, is about lawmakers engaged in “pension double dipping.” A Star Ledger review of Treasury records reveal at least three other lawmakers, including Senator Weinberg, doing the same thing as Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, Jr.

While speaking at a press conference at the Statehouse, Governor Christie laced into Senator Weinberg for terminal hypocrisy. As the intensity of Christie’s rhetoric rose, he said:

“She’s in that Sunday story on Joe D in the Star Ledger just beating the bejesus out of me over this; while she knows that she did it. I mean, can you guys take the bat out on her for once.”

Response from Democrats

“Considering I’ve devoted my entire legislative career to fighting for the rights of women, including battered women, I think his words continue to show the level of insensitivity and poor judgment that the governor has demonstrated on women’s issues since getting elected,” Weinberg (D-Bergen) said in a statement.

“The statement was offensive, indecent and so far beneath the standing of a public official it boggles the mind how the governor could even think of uttering it,” Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) said in a statement.

Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Union) accused Christie of “directly advocating for violence against women.”

Republican response

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak said Weinberg was taking the governor’s comments out of context. “That’s a complete contextual distortion,” he said, adding that anyone who was “in the room would know that.”


Put simply, Governor Christie should know better. If he has aspirations for taking his political show on the road, he better choose his metaphors more carefully. His use of a bat and woman is just plain dumb. Can you imagine what the national press corps would do with this statement.

The standard replies from men are generally, “the woman is being oversensitive,” or, ” can’t she take some ribbing,” or much worse.

And, by the way, Drewniak’s less than magical response did little to deflect the criticism. Just because Governor Christie was not advocating the press literally take a bat to Senator Weinberg, Christie employing a bat/woman rant is really over the top. Here’s the video. Were the governor’s comments taken out of context?


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