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NJ Supreme Court political football

Who Won the Supreme Court Justice Football Game?

“Our hard-charging governor took a time-out to re-think his strategy of nominating a “Mini-me” to fill the seat of a Supreme Court Justice he refused to re-appoint.”

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Warren Buffett is not a Greek god

Pass it on…Warren Buffett is Human

We love to defrock the people we frock. [Larry’s note: Image of Greek god courtesy of Red Ice Creations]

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law bars discrimination against unemployed workers


N.J. Legislature and Governor Christie work together to eliminate bias in employment wanted ads against job seekers by employers. Here’s how…

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Governor Christie contorversy

Gov. Bluto and Controversy go Together like a Horse and Carriage

“Governor Christie and Senator Loretta Weinberg have been sniping at each other since the last election. Senator Weinberg ran on the Democratic ticket for lieutenant governor.The central issue…”

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Small business 1099 form

Small biz applauds 1099 repeal

Crains New York reports: President Barack Obama last week signed a bill to repeal part of the federal health care reform law that would have required small businesses to file 1099 forms for purchases of $600 or more. New York entrepreneurs are breathing a collective sigh of relief after President Barack Obama’s last week […]

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Banks control lawyers


The N.J. Law Journal reports: Sixteen of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers have pledged to exercise tighter control over the law firms they hire to represent them in foreclosure actions under a settlement announced Wednesday by federal bank regulators. The servicers will be required to put the firms through a certification process to assure they […]

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J.P. Morgan made embarrassing mistakes with foreclosures

JPM’s Dimon says Bank will pay for Foreclosure Errors

“Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., says ‘mistakes are embarrassing,’ but…”

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