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AICRA does not bar Dram Shop Act lawsuits by drunk drivers

Drunk Drivers can Still Sue Liquor Licensees that Overserve them

You’re visibly drunk and the bar keeps serving you. You get on your motorcycle after last call. BOOM! CRASH! SERIOUS INJURIES. Lawsuit against bar?

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No Fault Insurance, "AICRA" options

20 Tips to Protect you and your Family under the NJ Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act

Are you scratching your head in bewilderment over the myriad choices a NJ auto owner must make when it comes to mandatory auto insurance? Want some suggestions..?

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verbal threshold and comparative medical analysis

The Verbal Threshold and the Evil Comparative Medical Analysis

Prior injury nightmare Joe Superstar is an experienced N.J. personal injury lawyer with a thriving N.J. car accident practice.  However, with the advent of the verbal threshold, there are no longer any slam dunk cases; even when liability is uncontested. Joe has to think of creative, new ways to vault the verbal threshold. Making matters […]

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N.J. Deemer Statute

When can an Out-of-State Resident bind a Plaintiff to the Verbal Threshold?

The N.J. car accident story Ed, a Pennsylvania resident, is driving down a highway in New Jersey. At the same time,  Roslyn is roaring down the same highway behind Ed. Since Larry’s personal injury law states two (2) motor vehicles cannot occupy the same space at the same time, Roslyn, a Pennsylvania resident,  slams her […]

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NJ legislature overrules NJ Supreme Court on PIP priority case

Law gives Auto Crash Victims Priority over PIP Carrier’s Subrogation Claims

Gov. Chris Christie has signed a bill mandating that when an injured party and a PIP carrier seek recovery from an at-fault party’s insurer, the injured party is to be made whole first.

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Interim national arbitration forum decisions not appealable

Court has no Jurisdiction to Review Interim Decisions by PIP Arbitrators

Interim actions by the National Arbitration Forum in PIP benefits disputes aren’t subject to judicial review…

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Is this scar "significant?"

The Limitation on Lawsuit Tort Threshold Claims another Victim

Whether a scar is significant, or a significant disfigurement is in the eye of the beholder At approximately 8:25 a.m. on July 7, 2006, defendant’s car struck plaintiff, who was sixteen years old, as he rode his bicycle on Route 70 in Cherry Hill. Plaintiff was covered under an automobile insurance policy that contained the […]

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van is not an automobile for Nj PIP purposes

When is a “Van” not an “Auto” for N.J. PIP Purposes?

A church van According to the App. Div., in a ruling on Tuesday, a van registered to a church, with fifteen (15) seats, and used for transporting church members back and forth from church, is not an automobile, as defined in 39: 6A-2(a); thereby denying occupants of the church van PIP benefits under the N.J. […]

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