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Old Case, Good Law, Does Away with “Serious Life Impact” in Oswin v. Shaw

Climbing Mt. Everest on a pogo stick  The prior version of the current limitation on lawsuit threshold was a nightmare for accident victims and their attorneys. In addition to pigeonholing your client’s injury into one of nine statutory categories, the Supremes held in  Oswin v. Shaw, 129 N.J. 290 (1999), the N.J. legislature intended an […]

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verbal threshold and comparative medical analysis

The Verbal Threshold and the Evil Comparative Medical Analysis

Prior injury nightmare Joe Superstar is an experienced N.J. personal injury lawyer with a thriving N.J. car accident practice.  However, with the advent of the verbal threshold, there are no longer any slam dunk cases; even when liability is uncontested. Joe has to think of creative, new ways to vault the verbal threshold. Making matters […]

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N.J. Deemer Statute

When can an Out-of-State Resident bind a Plaintiff to the Verbal Threshold?

The N.J. car accident story Ed, a Pennsylvania resident, is driving down a highway in New Jersey. At the same time,  Roslyn is roaring down the same highway behind Ed. Since Larry’s personal injury law states two (2) motor vehicles cannot occupy the same space at the same time, Roslyn, a Pennsylvania resident,  slams her […]

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Is this scar "significant?"

The Limitation on Lawsuit Tort Threshold Claims another Victim

Whether a scar is significant, or a significant disfigurement is in the eye of the beholder At approximately 8:25 a.m. on July 7, 2006, defendant’s car struck plaintiff, who was sixteen years old, as he rode his bicycle on Route 70 in Cherry Hill. Plaintiff was covered under an automobile insurance policy that contained the […]

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How will my Medical Bills be Paid if I’m Seriously Injured in a NJ Car Accident?

The story  I’m heading home from work after a long, stressful day. It’s about 8:30 p.m. I have a few more miles to go. I’m starting to relax and unwind, thinking about my wife and my daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie’s only 3 years old. I hope she’s still up when I arrive. I have only one […]

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N.J. car owners, don’t make the mistake of not knowing your tort threshold selection.

Do you know your tort threshold? If not, you may be making a big mistake that effects you and your immediate family members residing in your household. Know your rights. Make an informed decision!

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