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Bill enacts civil remedy to fight against stalking

Bill would give Stalking Victims a Civil Cause of Action

Can I sue a stalker in civil court for damages?

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AICRA does not bar Dram Shop Act lawsuits by drunk drivers

Drunk Drivers can Still Sue Liquor Licensees that Overserve them

You’re visibly drunk and the bar keeps serving you. You get on your motorcycle after last call. BOOM! CRASH! SERIOUS INJURIES. Lawsuit against bar?

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Unsafe Driving Bill passed by NJ Senate

Bill Would Make Unsafe-Driving Option Available to Repeat Offenders

Have you ever been denied a downgrade to the no points violation of “unsafe driving.?” That is going to change. Here’s why…

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Join a non-party with potential liability

The NJ Supreme Court Reminds Lawyers they Better Comply with the Joinder Rule

Warning…Ignore the entire controversy and joinder rule at your own peril. Here’s how the NJ Supreme Court reacted to a failure to join a party with potential liability…

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law bars discrimination against unemployed workers


N.J. Legislature and Governor Christie work together to eliminate bias in employment wanted ads against job seekers by employers. Here’s how…

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